Erika Karp


Founder & CEO
Cornerstone Capital, Inc.

Erika is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cornerstone Capital Inc. which is an investment bank with the mission of applying the principles and practices of sustainable finance into the mainstream of the capital markets. Having spent almost 25 years at major wall street firms in both Sales & Trading and Research functions, her expertise now includes advising both financial institutions (including asset owners and managers, and investment banks) and corporations across industries on the optimal integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) excellence into their products and business models.

Erika is known for her ability to clearly articulate complex economic and financial ideas to clients in all facets of business and investing. Her systematic development of numerous creative and innovation products, processes and teams has lead to strong demand across the world for her unique perspectives. Across many articles and presentations, Karp is noted for drawing from her own experiences in a dynamic, authentic and inspirational style. Her speeches typically feature discussions of innovation, leadership, salesmanship, and diversity in the financial markets.