Donnetta Campbell


Social Architect
Global Diversity Leadership Exchange

Donnetta Campbell is a SocialMedia & PR expert for the “digital influencer” age. She understands the value of personal networks, content marketing, and how people can build strong personal/professional platforms, especially as it applies to expanding the digital influence of high-level executives and thought-leaders (think C-Suite, NGO directors, top academics). Campbell is a consummate go-to trusted advisor on big ideas to senior big thinkers. Better yet, her approach to influencer marketing is iterative, so it grows deeper and stronger with her every new accomplishment.

After a 20+ year Public Relations global agency career, with a focus in the HealthCare and Corporate Leadership Track working in top tier firms. Campbell is a consummate “connector” specializing in “earned influence personal brand” building & corporate digital platforms through her unique model of #SocialPR. Today’s leaders must be connected–connected to consumers, clients, colleagues, media -with social touchpoints across all mobile & social platforms. 

Campbell designs “shareable moments” in creative social communities. Since 2010, she has been building curated approaches, and is well ahead of the industry’s shift into “thought leadership.”  She leads ecosystems of thoughtful leaders who are invested in each other to raise their engagement capabilities. Her orchestrated real time events that are harnessed in twitter campaigns (of any topic/category) now generating 100 to 300 million impressions. She curates over 30 events a year specializing in a sustainable model – cross pollinating networks and assets, while creating effective multi-stakeholder results. 

Across all verticals and meduims, personal heritage and corporate social brands need influencers and consumers tied to advocacy. Her models are built on gamification & “next gen” affinity marketing digitally bouncing social good driven empowerment campaigns. This creates consumers that engage 10x more often, creating opportunities for dynamic leaders to find high profile “moments in time,” leading to relevant followers.