Global Diversity Leadership Exchange

Our mission is to serve as a catalyst for innovative ideas and solutions among C-Suite and thought leaders who understand the intersection of diversity and inclusion and sustainability in the global economy.

Global Diversity Leadership Exchange


June 12, 2015


United Nations

New York, NY | USA


Breakthroughs in Diversity & Inclusion and Sustainability

Join the Conversation at #GLOBALDIVERSITY

Beyond the speakers, the Global Diversity Leadership Exchange features global market case studies, talking circles and more. A unique convergence of commerce, culture, commitment and communications, attendees address the myths, realities and leading indicators for driving global success through diversity and inclusion and sustainable business practices.

Participating companies, NGOs, consultants and thought leaders are empowered to utilize social media to engage their employees and communities, worldwide, in this dynamic and ongoing conversation.



Join our global thought leaders and current and next generation business leaders to listen, learn and share experiences in leveraging diversity and inclusion to support sustainable business growth in emerging markets in the US and abroad.



The Global Diversity Leadership Exchange, a network of global thought leaders, meets at the intersection of sustainability and diversity and inclusion. It is designed to bring forward breakthrough ideas, solutions and collaboration for business growth, common good, and global prosperity. Inspirational leaders, chief executives from Blue-Chip, multi-national companies, and experts in a variety of industries listen, learn and share experiences in leveraging diversity and inclusion to support business objectives in emerging markets.

The first global diversity event of its kind, in 2012, NYSE member companies launched this global awareness initiative, opening the dialogue from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange – the global business center of the world's most dynamic companies. The dialogue continues in the ECOSOC Chamber at the world headquarters of the United Nations with business leaders, global citizens and change agents who network with their peers to share best practices, resources and develop strategic alliances that help meet their global needs for sustainable growth and development. The event is broadcast across diverse media outlets and includes global social media coverage. #globaldiversity

Through the Global Diversity Leadership Exchange, companies and organizations have an opportunity to engage their employees, customers, and communities around the world in one single event – and invite them to participate in a dialogue that helps to build bridges between business and the communities they serve. Participants leverage the conversation, mutual interests and new relationships to define next steps in Inspirations Unpinned to help grow and strengthen global market share for companies while strengthening communities.

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Our sponsors are helping to create a dynamic, inclusive and extraordinary dialogue that has impact and implications in the US and abroad. They deserve a round of applause! We invite you to join our distinguished leadership team by becoming a sponsor of the
2015 Global Diversity Leadership Exchange at the United Nations.

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We've assembled a group of dynamic leaders who possess a unique depth of business experience, human compassion and cultural competency. Each will share their wisdom on how to grow and strengthen global marketshare as a responsible global citizen.

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